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    Greetings to all of you  !  You have reached the website that is
dedicated to all Butuanons . This page contains links to the different
webpages  made  by  Butuanons  ,  which  contains  informations  about 
different  topics  ranging from schools , local  organizations , about
Butuan City , hotels , personal  webpages and  others .

    Informations  contained  in  these  links  are  subject  to  the
responsibility of  the  author of the  page  being  accessed  .  The
main  objective  of  this  compilation  of  links  is  to  make  it 
available  and  easily  accessible  to  those  persons  ,  especially 
Butuanons  themselves  ,  who  would  like to seek  more  information
about  BUTUAN  CITY  and  it's people .

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Agusan Council Homepage: BSP , Agusan Council Webpage
Agusan del Norte Government Webpage: Official Homepage of Province of Agusan del Norte
Agusan - Surigao Historical Archives : a webpage created and maintain by V. Fortun
ANHS Alumni Net: go ahead register yourself
APO UC Chapter: an Alpha Phi Omega in Father Urios College Homepage
Antonio's Homepage: a personal webpage of A. Lagnada
Archangel Dane: a personal webpage of A.D.R. Parcon
Balangay Festival : Balangay Butuan Festival featuring the Mutya Hong Butuan 2009* new! *
Butuanon Yahoo Group : Join now with the online group of cyberButuanon !* new! *
BCCF : a non-profit organization dedicated to Butuanons
BeverlyA Homepage : a personal webpage of B. Abella
Butuan : About Butuan by Wikitravel .
Butuan Divers : homepage of Butuan Divers
Butuan Board : homepage about Butuan
Butuan City Wikepedia : Butuan City from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia* new! *
Butuan City Government : The official website of City Government of Butuan* new! *
Butuan City Hotels: links to Butuan Hotels informations and rates
Butuan City-Philippines: a personal webpage by G. Piepenbrock
Butuan City Tourism : Butuan City Tourism Homepage* new! *
Butuan Chat : #Butuan in IRC Undernet direct via webbrowser chat !
Butuan Directory : Search the Butuan Directory Online !
Butuan Diocese : webpage from CBCP
Butuan Jaycees : webpage from Butuan Frontier Jaycees
Butuan Silver Strip : a strip of metal artifact with some kind of writing found in Butuan
Butuanon.net : the newest discussion board for Butuan City youngsters
Caraga NEDA : Caraga National Economic and Development Authority Homepage
Caraga Travel Guide : The ultimate travel guide to CARAGA Region , Philippines !* new! *
CFC : Couples For Christ Butuan City Homepage !
DENR Caraga: Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources Caraga Region
Henry's Pages: a personal webpage H. Cabatana
Hotel Karaga : one of the hotels in Butuan City* new! *
ICF: Ivory Charities Foundation , Inc.
Jay's Homepage: a personal webpage with pictures and links of Jay Serrano
JJBargains Travel : an international airline consolidators travel agent with online bookings * new! *
Raymond's BUTUAN CITY Web Pages: of R. Vargas with lots of info about Butuan City
UC83 : Urios College HS Batch 83 Homepage
UC87 : Urios College HS Batch 87 Homepage * new! *
Urios College : Urios College Official Website
Urios College Alumni Net: go ahead register yourself

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