Welcome to #Butuan in the IRC Undernet ! I hope you will enjoy your Stay in here . Meet Butuanon from all walk of life , it maybe your relatives , friends , classmates , neighbors or whoever he or she is . Make friends , chat as long sa you want it's free ! (^_^) ( obcourse the internet connection is not free ..... hihihihihi ) . See you all there in #Butuan !

How to goto #Butuan in the Undernet ?

If you have mIRC or PIRCH ..... it is just easy , just connect to any server in the Undernet . Please take note it should be Undernet Server not any other server such as Dalnet or etc. . When you are already connected , you may now type in /join #butuan and presto you will be in the coolest channel of Butuan City where you are always WELCOME to chat with us , and we are always around anytime in the Philippine or in anywhere in world .

If you dont have mIRC or PIRCH don't worry you can still get it by filling up your nick below . You can now chat directly using your browser . Do log in a nick of your choice and press enter on your keyboard and presto your in #butuan .

If you for some reason didn't manage to reconnect because the IRC server was full,
type /server server.undernet.org where server.undernet.org is one of the
servers listed on the Undernet irc server page
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If you have any questions please don't hessitate to e-mail me : serj007@mozcom.com

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Thank you !!!

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